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We are an inclusive, global community of passionate and action-driven women with an entrepreneurial spirit, reclaiming sisterhood, and redefining women’s leadership.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower, inspire, & motivate you to achieve your working and personal dreams

faster and without sacrificing what matters most!

Inside the DTB community, women discover a

new way

of doing work & life in today's busy world. 

We do it differently here & we challenge the old ways that no longer work.

We are different because we stand for:​

  • Progress over Perfection

  • Nourishment vs. Depletion

  • Collaboration over Competition

  • Healing to Sustain our Future

  • Win-Win Relationships

  • Fulfillment over Performance

  • Learning & Application

  • Sales as Service

  • Personal & Professional Growth

  • Idea sharing & innovation

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The traditional way of running a business and achieving success continues to leave women in depletion, anxiety, and frustration.

but there is a new way...


of running a business and advancing in your career being trapped by stressful schedules, harmful eating and sleeping habits, and constant overwhelm.

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We'll show you HOW you can create

professional success and make an impact while still feeling



in flow

and free.

Our members benefit from a wonderful community of women!

Member Benefits

  • Weekly productivity and growth strategies for all key areas of life from our experts

  • Members will be considered first and foremost as speakers for live and virtual events.

  • Access to thousands of dollars worth of content, workshops, and more!

  • Valuable resources to help with personal business and career goals

  • Daily mindset tips and inspiration

  • Connect with fellow women with likeminded interests in a global sisterhood, as well as making real-life friendships with those in your community.

  • The opportunity to be highlighted, celebrated, and supported in monthly shares, wins, and collaborative opportunities.

  • Access to a support system that you can fall back on to guide you through this entire journey of becoming your highest self.

  • You will be inspired, motivated, and encouraged to live the life of your dreams


  • Members-only -  Access to monthly guest expert training with other successful entrepreneurs, wellness, and business experts followed by a Q&A session.

  • Access to networking, with like-minded women from all over the world (This is a space to support and connect with other like-minded women.)

  • Engage with each other, share tips, ask questions, give answers, collaborate, and build relationships to 10x your growth in your career or business

  • Networking events to help you promote and collaborate with others 

BONUS Benefits - Members Only

  • Free Access to our Preferred Vendor Directory - Meet Me at the Market

  • Special discounts when you shop & support other members of the DTB community 

  • Monthly promotions of highlighted members & support from the community

  • Social Media growth & engagement in your accounts through our network collaboration system

All this for $12.99/monthly or $120.99/annually 

ONLY an $12.99/monthly or $120.99/annually Membership Fee for a Private Community & support in these areas!

  • Personal & Business Development

  • Social Media Growth

  • More opportunities for interviews, features, connections, and leverage

  • Exclusive Training from Industry Experts on Mindset, Wellness, Marketing, Sales & more.

  • Feature inside Meet Me at the Market to help customers find you



First Annual Awards

Grow your Business

with Balance & Joy

Learn our Signature Balanced & Free Lifestyle System with proven strategies to succeed while enjoying a healthy flow of work and life responsibilities.

Leverage your Mindset &

Intuition for Massive Success

Show you how to maximize your results by using your inner wisdom instead of wasting time in the wrong activities.

Show Up Confidently as an Expert in your Industry

Discover what it takes  to show up as the most Confident version of you and be recognized as an expert in your industry.

Collaborate in a High-Level Network of Women

Learn to build strategic relationships that help you leverage your influence and open the doors to new exciting opportunities.

Learn from the Experts and Sharpen your Expertise

We’ll bring experts in all things business & mindset to train you with the latest techniques  to maximize your growth in a holistic way.


Mari Diaz


Estefania Viso


Anailis Diaz


Melissa Diaz


Samantha Diaz


We know this community will change the game for you

because we've seen the power of a network in the women we are connected to!


I met Mari Diaz through a dear friend. The day we met we had awesome conversations about health, wellness, helping people and the community. I felt connected with Mari because she inspired me telling me how she manages her health/wellness entrepreneurial skills since many years and helped many to stay motivated in life. 

Their success is a result of applying the principles and habits we model and train with inside the Dare To Begin Community. 


Stepping away from the traditional way of managing life and business/career and choosing to do it all with balance.

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Practical Trainings iu all

these key areas...


Marketing & Sales

Finances & Wealth

Time Management


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