10 U.S. Coffee Shops To Visit on your next vacation

Photo by Samantha Diaz

#1 Café M

If you plan your next vacation to Savannah, Georgia then I recommend checking out Café M. This Parisian style cafe will have you feeling like your in a cute cafe in Paris without leaving the country. As a coffee lover, If you like a simple cup of coffee then, I recommend getting the latte. If you like your coffee on the sweeter side then, definitely try the mocha. The mocha is not too sweet but sweet enough to fill your taste buds with chocolatey goodness. If you're in a coffee mood, they also have assorted teas and decaf. So whenever you're in Savannah, go check out Café M. Sit in their outside seating area and enjoy the beautiful Savannah views with a coffee in one hand or sit inside and enjoy the Parisian cafe style.

Photo by Samantha Diaz

#2 Chrome Yellow Coffee & Dry Goods

Another great coffee shop to check out is Chrome Yellow Coffee & Dry Goods, located in Atlanta, Georgia this coffee shop gets a little crowded but I can promise you it's worth the trip inside. If a clean, inspiring atmosphere is what you like then this is the coffee shop to go to. It's a great place to meet, work and gather together. I must say they have an excellent latte here if you like adding a little flavor to your latte then try a vanilla or caramel latte. If you're not a fan of milk, try their black drip coffee or a latte with oat milk. It still gives you the creaminess just without the dairy.

Photo by Samantha Diaz

#3 Suite Habana Cafe

Everyone knows that whenever you're in Miami, you need to have a "caficeto" which is a shot of Cuban espresso or "cafe con leche" which is like a latte but with Cuban espresso. So, if you are planning a trip to Miami, Florida then you NEED to go to Suite Habana Cafe. Along with super cute on the inside, this Cuban coffee shop is locally-sourced and family-owned so you know that their ingredients are of high quality. Hence, being a Cuban coffee shop, try the café on leche. It’s so delicious and gives you that homemade feeling like your Abuela made it. I also recommend to have the tostada (Cuban toast) with the café con leche, it’s the perfect combination for breakfast. If you want something stronger then try the colada (Cuban espresso) now that will get you pumped and ready for your day. Now if you want a snack then try the vegan croquetas, they are just as good as regular ones minus the meat.

Photo by Samantha Diaz

#4 CREMA Coffee Roasters

Planning a trip to Nashville, Tennessee? Well then, you’re going to want to check out CREMA Coffee Roasters. Now if you want a clean, modern atmosphere to work or take cute coffee pictures then this is the place! I know they have good lattes, cappuccinos, etc. but what called my attention was the Cuban latte (aka café con leche). This Cuban latte was different because it was mixed with condensed milk and let me just say it was WOW! They also have delicious croissants and chocolate chip cookies if you want to have a snack. If you’re looking for a healthier option, then I recommend trying the avocado toast. Nashville is an exciting place to check out this coffee shop on your way there.

Photo by Samantha Diaz

#5 Honeybee Coffee

Making a stop to Knoxville, Tennessee? Then check the super adorable Honeybee Coffee. Why is it so adorable? For starters, its logo is a honeybee. This coffee shop does its own coffee roasting on site (which is good!). This place is very modern and chic so this is the perfect place to meet up with friends and get some work done! If you go to their “cafe west” location, they have a section of their shop covered with banana leaf wallpaper (aka the perfect place for a photo opportunity) Now let’s get straight to the coffee, I recommend trying the espresso and the cappuccino.  Both options are amazing! Feeling bold? Get the espresso. Feeling more relaxed? Get the cappuccino. So, if you like all things plants, honeybees, and coffee then get your cup of coffee at this place!

Photo by Samantha Diaz

#6 BREW Urban Cafe

Heading to Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Then, you most definitely need to check this hidden gem called BREW Urban Café. Now, this coffee shop is really cool because of its part coffee shop and part photo studio! Another cool part about BREW Urban Café is that it has a bunch of old books behind the barista counter which makes it feel like an old library. Walking into BREW feels like coming home after a long day. It’s the perfect place to just relax and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee. I recommend getting a cappuccino or a mocha latte with a croissant on the side. So if you love old books and coffee then this is your kind of place to be.

Photo by Samantha Diaz

#7 Stumptown Coffee Roasters

If you’re looking for an artsy vibe then you need to go to Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Located in downtown Portland, Oregon, I must say it was one of the best coffee shops I went to when I was there. I recommend trying the latte with almond milk and it was just so good! Strong bold taste with a nutty twist. If you don’t like almond milk but want creamy without dairy, then try the latte with oat milk. I also recommend trying the espresso if you’re looking for a little kick. Stumptown Coffee Roasters gives you an artsy hipster aesthetic and just a perfect place to get some good photos at. So, if you’re ever in Portland, check this place out!

Photo by Samantha Diaz

#8 Foundation Coffee Company

If you crave great coffee, you will love Foundation Coffee Company. Located in Tampa, Florida, this coffee shop provides a real alternative to those typical coffee chains by offering handcrafted coffee and espresso drinks, an ever-expanding tea bar and real, fresh food options. I recommend getting a hot latte or a cappuccino with coconut milk. Want something cold? Try the iced latte. If you’re not into coffee (which is hard to believe) then definitely check out their chai latte and their teas, it’s definitely worth trying! It has a great atmosphere and even better coffee. The inside is gorgeous but then you can walk outside in the very back and have your own little corner to read or work on some things it just peaceful. So whenever you’re in Tampa, definitely go to Foundation Coffee Company!

Photo by Samantha Diaz

#9 Panther Coffee

Back in Miami (located in the Wynwood area) there’s another awesome coffee shop called Panther Coffee. They have an onsite coffee bean roaster (which is excellent!) They have an excellent outside seating area where you can just relax with your coffee and soak up the Miami sun. What I recommend trying here are the hot latte and a cold brew. Both options are an excellent choice it just depends if you’re in the mood for a hot drink or a cold drink. This coffee shop has a hip and trendy vibe to it! If you’re looking for a perfect coffee picture, then look no further. This is the place to be!

Photo by Samantha Diaz

#10 OTL 

Located in Miami’s design district, OTL is a super cute artsy and trendy place to grab a cup of coffee or tea. They have a great avocado toast. They have a great latte; I also recommend trying out the matcha latte if you want something slightly healthier. OTL is the perfect place to get great pictures of yourself and with your coffee! I must say it's one of the cutest coffee shops in the area. It has a South Beach vibe without actually going to South Beach. So if you like art, coffee, and sunshine then OTL is your go-to place.

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