4 GirlBoss Habits You Should Develop Now

What is a Girl Boss?

A Girl Boss is an independent and confident woman who takes control of her life. Some girl bosses are born naturally. For the rest of us, we need to learn the girl boss way along the way.

So here's the thing: What you do today matters.

Your daily habits are a determining factor in how successful you'll become. So before you let your hours drift away into a myriad of little things, wake up to the real purpose of your life. Time is a resource we can't get back. You don't have forever to do this stuff. This. Is. It. So what will you learn from this article? You'll discover that success means progress. You don't have to have all the answers. You need to take the first step here, now, today. And more importantly? You don't have to reinvent the wheel. You need to learn what successful people do and do that yourself. So in this article, We are covering 12 boss lady habits you should develop now. We'll also link helpful resources to make it easier because the world can always use a little more #girlpower. Let's dive in!


It's said that "If you're thinking about what you're going to achieve when you wake up – then it's already too late." Read that one more time. So here's the challenge: Try to start writing your to-do lists the night before.

Why is it so important? In the morning, one of the first things that cross your mind is what you have planned for the day. However, the goal is to get those plans out of your head and onto paper the night before. If you think about it, it makes sense, right? You have your to-do list ready in the morning, so you're already prepared to kick start your day. Plus, the act of writing things down can be life-changing by itself.


Meditation helps you retain focus, reduce anxiety, and increase creativity. Think of meditation as a mini-meeting with yourself. It's difficult at first because it's hard to focus. But we promise you that you will get better at it in at least 30 days if you keep at it. So calm your mind by spending a few minutes meditating.


The saying goes – "A budget is you telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went." And you know what? Don't fall for the budgeting myths out there. We hear things like this like "I don't budget because I make too much/too little" or "I don't want budget because it's too restrictive." all the time. Let us ask you this, Wouldn't you like to be able to spend your money guilt-free? Wouldn't you want to say goodbye to the debt burden on your back finally? Easy answer, right? So word to the wise: Budgeting is your first step towards financial freedom. It's not about restriction. It's about control. Because when you budget your money, you're permitting yourself to spend guilt-free. What could be any better?


Want to know something that'll take less than 2 minutes each day, boost your mood, improve your mental health, and increase your confidence? The answer is affirmations. That's why we recommend repeating 3-5 positive affirmations in the mirror each day. This will begin improving your relationship with yourself through CBT, aka Cognitive Based Therapy. It's also an essential habit of confident people. An affirmation example could be, "You are smart. You are great. You are enough." If you don't know what to say, try this: Make a list of all the things you like about yourself. Next time you're feeling incredibly accomplished, refer to those in times of self-doubt.


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