6 Things That Every Girl Boss Should Have On Her Desk

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Whether you work at home or have an office at your workplace, it is always fun to decorate your desk in a way that will inspire your inner girl boss.

In this post, We will be sharing some things you can add to your desk and workspace that will help spark creativity and increase your productivity. Here are six awesome things you can add to your work desk to feel like the ultimate girl boss.


Plants instantly add color to any space. Whether you have a green thumb or struggle to keep plants alive, there is something in the plant world for you to save on your desk. Keeping plants around you is great for many reasons. They help purify the air, keep stress levels low, and can help prevent colds.

Pretty planner

Everybody needs a planner in their life. Planners are excellent for keeping you on track with what you need to get done during the day. In addition to that, having a planner makes it harder to forget important deadlines and meetings. They also look so pretty on a desk. There are tons of planners to choose from today.

Great stationery

Having pretty and functional stationery around can put you in such a good mood! Whenever we have cute stationery on our desk, for some reason, it makes us want to use it more than if it were straightforward and boring. We love cute sticky notes, bright-colored pens, and cool catchphrases on pens and pencils.

Reusable drinking mug/tumbler

Whether you prefer your drinks hot or iced, the amount of cute tumblers on the internet is endless. It is excellent having reusable cups and tumblers around instead of plastic bottles. We have a couple at home and work, so we never have to buy plastic water bottles or get to-go coffee. Every little effort helps with saving the environment.

Inspirational decor

What better place to have inspiration around you than in your workspace? We know that you can personally get motivated when reading inspirational quotes, and having some around your desk always helps you focus on your tasks. We're always on the lookout for inspiration. You can print out and hang it on your walls, but if you cannot do that at your workplace, We found a couple that are from independent artists on Etsy that you can stand on your desk and one cute wall decal if that's more your thing.


Notebooks are great, especially when they come in an inspirational cover! They're great for jotting down important notes, to-do lists, or general brain dumps and doodling.


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