9 Latina-Owned Businesses You Need To Know About

Lately, there’s been an ongoing push in the beauty community to support brands that are typically underrepresented. The main goal here is to support brands that are more diverse and inclusive. Making an effort to purchase from minority and women-owned businesses is a huge step forward. The Latinx community is heavily disenfranchised, and in order to make a change, we should back those who are often overlooked or mistreated. In the spirit of wholesome support, We decided to provide you with a list of 9 Latinx-owned brands that need to be on your radar!

1. Celeste Sol Jewelry

Black & Latina Owned by Tiffany Joachim, Over 60 years ago in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico Tiffany’s grandparents were running Trifilio Imports — a fine jewelry boutique offering timeless pieces from around the world. Now reinvented for the modern woman and taking on a new identity— CELESTE SOL offers delicate gold plated pieces for any look; inspired by the same influences of fashion, travel, and culture of Tiffany’s beloved grandparents. The idea is simple, the cause is big. They give to organizations that support and empower women in and of Caribbean and Latin American countries (& beyond). Every year they set aside 2% of our sales to donate to charitable organizations that share their ambition. They do this because they are committed to innovating ways they can support these communities, women, and girls and how they can grow them into community leaders. Each one of our partners serves to empower vulnerable populations of women in different ways. 

@celestesoljewelry | www.celestesoljewelry.com

2. Magick Wick

Latina Owned by Samantha Diaz, Magick Wick is a one-woman show based in Port Saint Lucie, Florida with a knack for creating beautiful, eco-friendly, ethical, one-of-a-kind pieces for you and your spiritual needs. After years of experience practicing with healing crystals, plants, and the power of manifestation due to health concerns, Sheh decided to pour this energy into creating an inclusive environment for her fellow witches to connect with their inner magick and manifest their dreams into existence. She creates and designs all of Magick Wick’s signature Crystal & Botanical Infused Essential Oil Perfumes, Handcrafted Candles, Energy Cleansing Kits, Apparel, among the other spiritual goods in the shop. She has certifications in Crystal Healing, Reiki Healing + Astrology.  As a fellow witch herself, She believes that Magick Wick is not only just be a one-stop metaphysical shop at but an authentic space for non-judgment. A place where we drop the masks, drop the facades and move into a zone of genuine connection- to ourselves and to each other. It is a place, not only for connecting with friends you haven’t met yet but also for deep spiritual growth, self-realization, transformation, and reconnecting with/enhancing your intuition.

@magickwick | www.magickwick.com

3. MD Apothecary

MD  Apothecary is a home-grown business that organically developed through the founder's personal experience and passion for natural remedies. The Founder; Mari Diaz has had a life long attachment to 'herbal medicine' due to her upbringing, her personal health trials. Her aim is to empower people through education of natural medicine. MD Apothecary is clean beauty skincare and Herbal Tea brand, using the finest, organic raw materials, and simple formulations. We are committed to creating products that are safe for our health and wellness. Their mission is to empower women through education of clean beauty and wellness products that are clean, conscious, effective. 

@mdapothecary_ | www.mdapothecary.co

4. Last Minute Party Planners

Based in Miami, Florida and run by Anailis Diaz, Last-Minute Party Planners is a luxury event planner and it also includes decor & styling for all your special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, etc. They also do furniture rentals and event management. Their mission is to plan every moment with purpose by working with clients to identify their needs and ensure customer satisfaction. Organizing facilities and details such as decor, catering, entertainment, location, invitee list, special guests, equipment, promotional material, etc.

@lastminutepartyplanners | lastminpartyplanners@gmail.com

5. Work In Progress Media

Founded in 2019 and run by Barbara Estrada, Work In Progress Media is a community of entrepreneurs looking to master their story through content clarity in order to attract clients & reclaim freedom through storytelling online (podcasting, blog writing, press coverage, social media).

@workinprogressmedia | www.barbaraestrada.com

6. Kolor Kulture

Master Colorist/Stylist/Educator Maylin Flores runs and owns Kolor Kulture. She believes that you should invest in your hair, its the crown you never take off. Kolor Kulture is all about discovering the endless possibilities of changing hair colors and hair lengths! Remember that it’ll grow back! Bold is beautiful!


7. Avoca Studio Pilates

Run by Dorothy Lopez, Avoca Studio Pilates is a private studio that promotes wellness and amazing workshops such as restorative pilates, yoga, meditation, essential oils, private and duet instruction. They believe that humans are limitless, you can achieve what goals you want and turn your imagined world into reality with the power of wellness. Avoca Studio Pilates studio was also inspired by the ancient Hindu principles of Vastu Shastra, which aims to align the room with nature in order to improve quality of life via a harmonious placement of furniture, thoughtful use of color, light, and space.

@avocastudio | www.avocastudiopilates.com

8. Nia Viso

Estefania Viso is self-branded and she is an energetic Speaker and Transformational Coach on a mission to inspire leaders all over the world to fulfill their potential and embrace their inner power. After 2 years in the field of Marketing, she reinvented herself and followed her lifelong passion for becoming a Transformational Coach and Speaker. Today she works with youth and women to help them discover purpose and monetize their passion. She is a Certified Passion Test Facilitator and Strategic Intervention Coach formed under the Robbins Madanes Training. Her story inspires women and youth online and on-campus through her vibrant energy and powerful delivery!

@estefaniaviso | www.estefaniaviso.com

9. Fernandez & Associates Consulting

Woman & Latina owned by Neely Fernandez, Fernandez & Associates Consulting, LLC was founded in 2019 by owner Neely Fernandez. Neely has made it her life goal to offer her clients the very best in HR consulting services in the Tampa Bay area. She is a Certified Internet Recruiter (CIR) via AIRS-ADP, a Notary Public licensed in the State of Florida, she holds her Certified Professional Resume Writing (CPRW) certification, and her Signing Agent Certification as well. Neely is dedicated to providing you world-class service for all your business needs. They provide a variety of services from full-cycle recruitment, resume development and writing, virtual assistant services, and on-demand notary services throughout the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. 

@fernandezconsultantllc | www.fernandezandassociatesconsulting.com

If you know any Latinx-owned businesses please leave a comment below!


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