Even Things That Suck Are Redirection

In today's wellness blog post we want to discuss why even things that feel like absolute BS.. losing your wallet, getting locked out of the house, (both of these have happened to me this past week), losing your job, breakups.. are ALL REDIRECTION, BRINGING YOU TO YOUR HIGHEST CALLING.⁠ ⁠⠀ EVERYTHING is sacred. Even the BS. Especially the BS! Because it's in those moments of being blocked that you are being redirected to something you would have NEVER thought of before!⁠⠀

  • Getting locked out -> learning mindfulness & patience

  • Break ups -> not investing anymore time in a relationship that isn't truly serving you⁠⠀

  • Loosing your job-> being honest with yourself that that job wasn't in full alignment⁠.

  • Not getting hired somewhere -> wasn't where you were meant to direct your energy⁠

When you see the TRUTH, you see that nothing "bad" can really happen...it's all just


Losing yourself -> not investing any more time in a relationship that isn't truly serving you⁠⠀


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