How to Protect Your Energy During These Uncertain Times

With the weight of the world all over the media leaving us all in a negative mindspace, here are some helpful tips on how to protect your energy during these times. 

-Don’t check your phone when you first wake up in the morning. When doing this you are allowing yourself to become reactive rather than proactive. 

-Declutter your living and working space- since most of us are working from home until further notice it’s important to keep our space peaceful. 

-Practice meditation and breathing exercises when you feel stressed. (We recommend the application Calm you can download on your phone) 

-Set boundaries for yourself between your colleagues and family members. It’s important to remember that the energy we allow in our space rather than adapting to others energy. 

-Time yourself- what do we mean by that? Well it’s simple time yourself for a certain amount of time for a specific task and only focus on that one task before the timer goes off. This will help you be more productive and less scattered. 

-Write in your journal about what you were grateful for and even list what you did not enjoy of the day so you can work on not repeating those habits. 

-Keep a list or pinterest board of your favorite inspiring quotes that you look back on when you’re feeling down. 

How do you protect your energy during these times? Share with us in the comments on Instagram. 


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