Things To Do When You’re Feeling Stuck in Life

Many of us have encountered a crossroads where any and everything feels stagnant. Maybe even dreadful (let’s be real, we’ve all dreaded a job or a task before). That “I feel stuck in life” notion can be a bit of a downer.

We’ve been there. We’ve been stuck in jobs that are soul-draining, unfulfilling, and at times even felt degrading (ever worked in customer service? Note: the customer is NOT always right. Wink.)

But it’s true, and we’re all privy to getting stuck in life situations that our true self, soul, and inner-being do NOT want to partake. It can be a job, a living environment, a relationship, a habit. You name it.

So what do you do when you’re feeling stuck in life?

Cry? Get angry? Feel helpless? Hide? Well, for the short term, yes. Without doing these things and genuinely feeling what arises when you get honest with yourself and the situation- we run the risk of spiritually bypassing the experience we’re having in this reality. You know, you have to feel it to heal it.

We can’t run from how we feel, and I’ll never encourage repressing your emotions or tell you to “just be positive,” “focus on the good stuff,” or any of that bypass stuff! That will not heal the root of the problem. Don’t get me wrong, yes, we DO have to be thankful, shift our thoughts, exchange our negativity for positivity, practice gratefulness, etc. Still, we can’t do that authentically without first acknowledging how we feel when we’re being stuck.

So- mope, cry, get angry, wallow in helplessness, hide. Let yourself FEEL what it is to be stuck and unhappy. Then, take a step back. Examine all of those emotions that came up when acknowledging you feel stuck or like you’re not where you want to be in life. Maybe even write them down and journal it out.

Acknowledging is the first step towards changing. We can’t shift our stuck energy without first recognizing how we feel about it.

Now here’s where the fun starts. Coming to terms with how you feel about being stuck is the most critical first step to getting unstuck.

“Naming it” is so important. It leads to clarity and helps us understand why we want to feel something different instead. Once that has been accounted for, we can begin to get out of the rut and go from stuck to unstuck.

May this list serve as a guide to help you when you are feeling stuck. May it also remind you of the power within! We are here to co-create with the universe. We CAN and will get unstuck if we choose to set our intentions, ask for guidance, and take action.

1.Acknowledge your Feelings

As stated in the intro, acknowledging your feelings is the first step. That self-awareness is critical to life, happiness, and being free from stuck.

Give your feelings space to exist. Allow them to communicate with you. Don’t try to force them away or label them as bad.

Thank your emotions. Thank them for showing you what isn’t working for your soul. Thank them for showing you what is not for your highest good.

They appear to share such messages with us. They are the key to awareness, and awareness is the key to freedom. Become aware of your power and aware of the energy your emotions have. Honor them and thank them.

2. Move Your Stuck Energy

The easiest and quickest way to do this is to practice some vinyasa yoga and get in the flow. If yoga is not your thing, another fun and easy way to connect with your body and move your energy is dancing.

Put on a good playlist and dance. Move your body and allow yourself to feel free. Disconnect the mind and let your body move and release any pent up energy. It might sound cliche, but really, dance is so powerful.

It's no wonder it has ancient roots- humans have been dancing since the beginning of time. Whether to connect with divinity, worship or celebrate- it's a literal way to get IN your body and out of your head… allowing yourself to move some of that stuck energy.

3. Take a Break & Unplug

This one is so important! Especially in today's day and age, everyone is on social media sharing their opinions, advice, judgments, and whatever else. Not unplugging is intentional damage at this point. If you're an empathetic person (like me), utilize taking breaks often. Even if you don't consider yourself a compassionate person, or an empath, still- if you're feeling stuck, that's usually a sign that you need to take a break and take some quiet to recuperate.

What do I mean by "take a break?"

Well, that depends. If it's social media and the overload of comparison opportunities that make you resort to feeling stuck… take a break from social media. Log out, delete the app, reduce the time you allow yourself on it…any of the above. Do what works for you.

If your friends are bringing you down or distracting you, or making you feel stuck… take a break from your friends. If your job is draining you, absorbing all of your life force energy, or making you feel stuck… yes, also take a break from your job.

Even if you can only taking a couple of hours off, do it. Or maybe you can and need to take a full day, several days, or an entire week. Most likely, you need some time from the job that's draining you if you currently feel stuck. Don't be afraid to put your needs up first. It is important to unplug and take a break from the things that are zapping your energy without a positive return.

Feeling drained= on the way to feeling stuck in life. So avoid at all costs. Remember that self-awareness part we talked about? If you're starting there, you'll know when it's time for a break.

4. Practice a Manifesting Ritual

Getting some foundation laid down for your manifesting is a beautiful step towards getting unstuck. By tapping into that creative space, your imagination, or your dream world- you command some of that stuck energy to leave! One of the most popular tools used to begin your manifesting journey is making a vision board.

If you love the kinesthetic piece of flipping through a magazine and cutting out inspiration, start there. If you don't have magazines or materials to use for your vision board, go to Pinterest to create some there.

Gather images of everything that exists in your dream life. Maybe it's a house, a pet, a car, an engagement ring, a certain level of success in your business, qualities in your dream partner, inner peace and quiet whatever it is, find an image and start piecing it together on your board. Or, if you enjoy writing and making lists, you can always write out what it is that you'd like to manifest.

Focusing on what we want, instead of the fact that we're feeling stuck in life, can be a huge motivator.

5. Break Up With What's Making You Feel Stuck

(I.E. your job, relationship, living space)

It might be a hard one depending on your situation. But as they say, "if nothing changes, nothing changes." Sometimes WE have to be the catalyst for making massive changes in our life to truly get us away from feeling stuck and into our best life.

It's not always easy to pick up and move. Or call up and quit your job. Or sit down and break a relationship off. We acknowledge that and challenge you to see the bigger picture if you're feeling stuck in life.

In 5 years, do you want to be in the same place? A lot can happen in that time frame, and the sooner you take steps towards the freedom and joy you want, the sooner you will have it.

That being said…

6. Write Out the Steps Necessary to Break Free from Feeling Stuck

This exercise is super powerful. Break down your goal/dream (essentially whatever it is that you imagine needing to feel unstuck) into micro-steps. The smallest steps you could imagine. Break it down.

  • What's the very first thing you need to do to get out of your situation?

  • Maybe it's having a conversation with your boss about changing your work hours?

  • Is it taking five minutes for yourself each morning?

  • Are you dedicating an hour of your day to working on your dream?

  • Are you searching for a coach or therapist?

Micro steps. Break it down to the smallest steps possible, and start taking them! Ultimately YOU are the only person who can get you unstuck and improve your quality of life.

7. Talk to Someone and Be Open to Their Guidance

Maybe it's a counselor, therapist, coach, or mentor. Find someone neutral who you can talk to about where you are at.

Be open to guidance.

Hopefully, by now, the stigma around these things has been lessened! It is invaluable to find and connect with someone who can help you unpack your current state and help guide you to where you want to be. Healthy people ask for help.

We used to be very stubborn in my ways of thinking- we thought we never needed help, we didn't want to ask for guidance (because honestly, We felt the heavy burden of thinking we had to guide everyone else)…. But even guides need guides, coaches need coaches, & therapists need therapists!

Humans need each other. We need support and connection. Finding someone who can allow you to feel seen and hold space for your growth and healing can be so transformational and empowering. Allow yourself to receive help and guidance, especially when you're feeling stuck in life. And especially if you feel resistant to help.


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