Women of September 2020: Jacqueline Arbelaez

Tell us a little about yourself and who you are? I am a mother of 3 beautiful girls, born and raised in NYC, current job is Senior WC Business Development Manager. I love to laugh, seeing life as a blessing, and grateful for my friends and family. Looking for new projects such as home decorating.

How does a day in your life look like these days? Filled with laughter, craziness, and a lot of work. but it would not trade it, as it's never boring.

What makes you unique? According to my kids my laugh, my smile & my clapping, which my kids say is very loud.

What is your “why?” What inspires you every day to do more/better? My kids, as I want to be the best mom, friend, and mentor to them. I also want them to be strong women and become very independent. They are my inspiration and give me strength.

Tell us about your career and how you got started? I was looking for a job and I reached out to someone who is well respected in the WC industry and he referred me to his colleague. I interviewed and needless to say, I landed the job and have learned so much, met great people, and also love my job.

What are your future goals? Live a good life with lots of laughter and continue to evolve, as we have so much to learn. Every day brings new adventures and also learning experiences. I would like to get to the next level of my career.

How do you empower other women? I try to be positive, give credit and compliments to other women, as we need to be supportive of each other. We all are beautiful in our own ways and should empower and embrace one another.


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