Women of September 2020: Jeannette Lopez

Tell Us a Little Bit about yourself? I am a native New Yorker, a mother of three, with a bonus daughter, and three grandchildren. I have been in the Workers Compensation industry since 1999.

How does a day in your life look like these days? Honestly, this time during COVID has been hard for me. I am an extrovert by nature. I need people, I miss networking, and I miss events and gatherings. Events were a very large part of oy role with MTI. However, I have learned some new things about myself during this time. I have learned patience; that things will come when the time is right. I have made it a point to take time out for myself and enjoy my immediate surroundings. I have taken up a love for exercise, and with the added time at home have been able to take daily walks and exercise anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more a day. Seeing that I work better with structure, I have found it extremely important to keep a daily schedule. Each month I create new goals for myself with things I want to accomplish; one I recently added was reading. I take lots of breaks during my day to “just breathe”, to value all the little things, and to celebrate every small achievement. I take lots of notes and look for inspiring quotes to share with my closest friends. I love positive memes like the ones Mari posts all the time, and I tend to refer to her posts regularly for inspiration.

What makes you Unique? This is a tough question for me to answer because I am extremely modest; I have always seen myself as just an ordinary woman who cares and gives too much of myself leaving my cup half full most of the time. I am learning to navigate life with myself being a number one priority because I have learned through experience that I cannot pour into others from an empty cup. My friends and colleagues would define me as a giver, a fixer, outspoken, and that I have a huge heart. I consider myself 100% authentic. I am a planner and I work best in a structured environment. Change is difficult for me, but I have learned to adapt to new situations as they come.

What is your “why?” What inspires you every day to do more/better? My why will always be my children, although they are all adults right now, they have always been my purpose. I was a teenage mother. I had my daughter at age 16 and my life changed forever because of her. It was no longer about me and I learned to be selfless at a young age. The only thing I wanted to do was to be a better mother and a better person for her and do what I could to lead by example. To say she changed my life is an understatement. Today I am very proud of all my children. Being a mother has made me stronger, wiser, and they have given me the strength to be the woman I am today. I pushed myself to higher limits, and I refused to be a statistic. I graduated high school with my graduating class, and I completed my Associate's degree at Valencia Community College. I recently also achieved my bachelor’s degree in business management. Every day I encourage and support my grown adults to succeed to follow their dreams. One of the things that my youngest son Justin remembers was a time when he really wanted to go to a music festival, and he was worried about whether he should go or save his money. I told him “Justin, Create the memory, take the risk, enjoy your life. You only live life once, so never regret creating a memory. A memory is far more important than “things”.” I preach this to my children regularly; things mean nothing, memories last forever. I would rather live a life of experiences than having “things”.

Tell us about your career and how you got started?

My career began at Universal Studios as a part-time employee in a new department called Minority Business Affairs, which led me into the Legal Department. I had no experience but had just completed my Legal Assistant degree and wanted to get my foot in the door. My Career at Universal continued to open doors for me that later moved me into Risk Management. As an assistant to the Risk Manager, I started learning about Liability and Workers’ Compensation claims. My Risk Manager then told me that Universal would be paying for me to attend school to receive my Workers Compensation License. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I moved into a role as a Workers’ Compensation Liaison and participated in mediations and depositions for the employer. I responded first-hand to injured employees. This role led me into the journey of being an adjuster with RISKCo Insurance in which I was now working for the carrier who handled Universal Studios claims. I met some amazing people that I remain great friends with within the industry to this day. After spending seven years as an adjuster, my next career move happened in 2004, which took me into a sales and marketing role with Black Diamond Transportation. Through this experience, I learned an entirely different aspect of Workers’ Compensation. In 2014, I took a role with MTI America where I am currently working as a Regional Account Manager. What I aspire to do in the future is to take all that I have learned through the years and excel into a new business venture to become my own boss.

What are your future goals? What I aspire to do in the future is to take all that I have learned through the years and excel into a new business venture to become my own boss.

How do you empower other women? That is how I inspire. My friends would say I do a good job at keeping in touch regularly, even through small texts and messages. Whether I am just checking in, or sending positive vibes, or positive memes, I feel it is important to stay connected and it’s helpful to me as well to stay positive and motivated. We are all in this together and we should encourage each other to always look for the light in the dark no matter how rough the storm may be.


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