Women of September 2020: Rima Debjani Arora

Tell us a little about yourself and who you are? I am a holistic health/ fitness/weight loss coach! I'm also a dance lover, yoga, and other group fitness instructor. I’m someone who loves educating people about health, nutrition, and fitness. My own transformation journey has changed my life, hence, my mission is to make a positive impact on this planet. I have a passion for helping others live healthy and reach their desired goals by educating them about their own body, mind, and spirit. I believe helping people live better- I believe wellness should be accessible to all!

How does a day in your life look like these days? Get up, gear up, and ready to shine somebody's life with my skill, expertise, and knowledge. I believe in a client-coach true relationship. We work together as a joint force!

What makes you unique? My people skill, I'm friendly and approachable. Heart to listen and ready to help always!

What is your “why?” What inspires you every day to do more/better? I believe my passion to help people as a health/ fitness coach has been a big blessing in my life - we all need blessings! My people trust me because of my commendable accountability as a coach, that makes me feel better and do more.

Tell us about your career and how you got started? I went through my own transformation journey. Dropped size XXL - S, lost 60 lbs. Went through a poor lifestyle, gained weight, had no real motive to stay healthy and fit, been years of struggle. Yet, a day came when I committed myself for my self-care and I battled to win my journey for lifelong transformation. This whole entire journey gave me a path to help others and I became a fitness trainer and a holistic coach. I hold 30 plus certifications in the fitness and wellness world.

What are your future goals? My future goal is to open my own holistic wellness center with many services which will help my clients to stay motivated ongoing under one roof! My center should be only about a positive mind-body and spiritual connection.

How do you empower other women? Mostly, my clients are women, they trust my expertise when I guide them with my true intension and tell them my own transformation story. I inspire them because a woman has the power to change the world around them by simply taking care of her own-self first.


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