why we started

We at Just Begin Magazine believe everyone has the opportunity to change the world for the better.

As we move into the future we must consider our individual impact and choose as mindfully as possible.

At the same time, we want you to feel good about the impact you are making in your community and environment by using eco-friendly, sustainable, nontoxic, and ethically made products, and services. 

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We partner with makers, artists, groups, and organizations around the world by giving away, purchasing, and selling their beautiful, products from around the world. We want to inspire and enable people to do good through their everyday choices.


When you sponsor our "Maker To Market Sponsor For A Cause" YOU are making a difference, and creating a positive, long-lasting impact on women's lives around all over the world. 

so, how can you help?

Becoming a supporter or volunteer is a great way to get involved with Just Begin Magazine's

Maker To Market Sponsor For A Cause.  You can help with anything from sponsoring, creating awareness, promoting the cause, at various events, and more. If you are available and willing to commit more of your time, this could be an opportunity for you. 

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Pottery Workshop

what will you get for becoming a supporter?

  • Supporters will be highlighted under our "Supporter Spotlight" with a direct link to their website

  • Personalized tags with a message on all Maker To Market goods 

  • Acknowledgment through all of Just Begin Magazine's platforms

how do we give back?

A portion of the profit from all sales and sponsorship is destined to provide funding for the personal and professional development of women leaders. 

Our team is committed to helping women advance to the highest levels of success, and we do so by contributing to them with funds, support, and empowerment they need so they can further their mission to personal growth and lasting happiness.

Corporate Sponsorship  | $300.00

Sponsor Benefits: 

  • Sponsors are recognized at the beginning and end of all workshops, both in the live and on-demand versions.

  • The sponsor will have 3-5 minutes at the beginning of the workshop to provide a brief introduction about their company 

  • The sponsor can share a Viedo/ad with attendees during sponsor Q&A session

  • The sponsor will get a list of attendees

  • Sponsor logo will be shown, and the company name will be mentioned at the beginning and end of the event

  • Link to Sponsors Company Page on JUST BEGIN MAGAZINE Website

  • Sponsors have the opportunity to curate what goes into attendees' swag bags

Merchandise Sponsorship  | $500.00
Wellness Workshop Sponsorship  | $175.00

Sponsor Benefits: 

  • Sponsors are recognized at the beginning and end of all workshops, both in the live and on-demand versions.

  • The sponsor will have 3-5 minutes at the beginning of the workshop to provide a brief introduction about their company. 

  • The sponsor will get a list of  attendees 

Spotlight Sponsorship | $450.00
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Our corporate partners are instrumental to our mission, and their support enables us to continue empowering women. 

be inspired by our corporate heroes

Thanks to our corporate partners, JUST BEGIN Magazine will be able to help empower women to reach their full potential. Thank you to our partners for helping us change the world!

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